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Wine Folly: The Essential Guide To Wine Review

Wine Folly The Essential Guide To Wine Review
I must say I had to to take a step back and admire this book. The detailed effort put into it by authors Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack is extraordinary. Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine helps you make sense of all your wine questions. From teaching you the correct wine pairing with food to what wine to drink at special occasions. This book finds some great under the radar best value wines. It even teaches you how the wine was labeled and what wine region it comes from. With its captivating and creative infographics to guide you along through your inquiries, it takes a modern approach giving real straightforward answers to your questions. For beginners to experts, there is something for everybody. This is diffinetly a best wine for the buck value. Enough said. I will let this introduction video do the talking.

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine Paperback
by Madeline Puckette (Author), Justin Hammack (Author)
#1 Best Seller in Wine Buying Guide
See all formats and editions
Paperback 240 Pages
Best Place To Buy: amazon.com

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Surprise! Texas The Lone Star State Of World Class Wineries


Texas Known For World Class Wineries?

Where? Texas is an enormous state. There are wineries springing up all over the state. Over the last few years, groups like Weimer, St. Jo and Monrovia have extended their legs and more wineries are appearing along the farmland. Courageous businesspeople tackling the colossal tough job of beginning a vineyard and winery in Texas are bolstered by strong industry associations like the state-supported Go Texan program, the Texas wine and grape cultivators affiliation (TWGGA) and in focal Texas, The Texas Slope Nation Wineries bunch which is presently up to 42 wineries. In any case this developing gathering of winery proprietors rely upon Lone Star wine sweethearts to legitimize all their burdensome endeavors that hold the wine streaming down the packaging line and into glasses around the state. Consequently, we excitedly bolster these aggressively by tasting their wines, sharing their stories on social courses of events, and in particular we bolster them with winery visits. Trust it or not, your grinning face at the tasting bar makes it all justified, despite all the trouble. Author Russell D. Kane traveled the state tasting wine and immersed himself in the history and extraordinary people. Interviewing major players in the Texas Wine culture. His book The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine (Grover E. Murray Studies in the American Southwest) is a testament to his relentless research. Texas is truly the Lone Star State of world class wineries.

Tara Vineyard And Wineryo

Let us start our journey about Texas Wineries in the North region in Henderson County. Tara Vineyard and winery the oldest winery in the region owned and operated by the Pierce family.The Tarra Inn which is a bed-and-breakfast constructed from the historic Murchison home built in the 1880s and relocated from downtown Athens Texas to the vineyard. Located about 75 miles southeast of Dallas and about 5 miles Northwest of Athens. The winery and Cellar Door restaurant overlooks the Blanc Du Bois vineyard and the beautiful rolling panoramic hills of East Texas.  A very friendly and accommodating staff and management. There are frequent wine and music events being held, so don’t forget to make reservations. For hours of operation please contact Tara Vineyard and Winery at 903-675-7023 or sipoftexas@tarawinery.com. Guided winery tours are offered on Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. or anytime by appointment.

Winery Location

8603 Co Rd 3914,

Athens, TX 75752



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The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine Review

The Wineslinger Chronicles:The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine

This book is a must read for anybody who wants to know about the Texas grape and wine industry. Author Russell Kane traveled the state of Texas tasting wine, and along the way he interviewed the major players in the Texas wine culture. He extensively researched the history of these extraordinary people. The title “Texas wineslinger” was based on an Australian wine writers blog after he compared the big red wines from down under in the Coonawarra wine region to the Texas High Plains wine region. He studied the Spanish missionary life and the early sacramental wine made from Texas’s first vineyard as well as wines brought from their homelands by German and Italian immigrants. This leads Kane into describing the hardships that the modern-day growers and on entrepreneurs had to overcome to make Texas an emerging wine producing region.” A wine grower’s prayer” reflects the challenges and obstacles that describe the terroir of Texas as a winegrowing frontier. Reviewed on amazon.com it obtained a 5-star rating by all reviewers.



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Wine Regions

purple-grapes-553464_640True Wine Grapes

There are different wine regions all around the world. These regions produce many different grapes and types of wine. Known as “the true wine grapes” the Vitis Vinifera have a reputation as  the grapes used in the making of fine wine. Grapes and region can determine the best wine.

Each diverse grape has varying smell and flavor attributes when it is made into wine. Be that as it may, wines produced using individual varietals will likewise shift in character contingent upon where on the planet the grapes are developed: for instance, vineyards in new wine growing regions will deliver wines with distinctive flavors and smells different from vineyards of the old established regions, notwithstanding when the wines are produced using literally the same grape varietal.

Old And New World Regions

Distinctive areas are known for both delivering diverse grapes and diverse styles of wine all arouncastle-280814_640d the wine world.

Thus the old established wine regions and new growing regions have been coined the Old and New World. It is imperative to know their distinct differences. By reputation, the Old World regions are known for creating wines that are more dour and terroir driven. In contrast, to New World areas that are known for delivering wines with more prominent force. For instance, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes developed in France will probably create wines stamped by naturalness and unpretentious organic product flavors. While Cabernet Sauvignon grapes developed in California will probably deliver wines that are more organic product forward.

In future posts, we will research and explore these various regions that are all about wine.

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What Is The Best Wine ?

Best Wine

The best wine is the one that you prefer the best. It could be a red or white depending upon your personal tastes. Or, you could be a wine aficionado who enjoys all types. Maybe you prefer the wines from one particular winery and region or particular wineries from different regions? Our goal is to narrow the choices down.

Wine Value

Have you ever tried two different brands of the same type of wine, and then question why the pricier one didn’t taste better? Was it because of brand recognition or something else? I often ponder the thought of some character who looks like the guy in the old Grey Poupon commercials as the determining factor.

Let’s Find Out

These are the questions that we wish to answer on this website. With the overwhelming amounts of different brands of wine and the increasing number of wineries all around the world, this will be more than an ongoing journey. So, we encourage interaction. Please give us your opinions on your choices and why.





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