The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine Review

The Wineslinger Chronicles:The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine

This book is a must read for anybody who wants to know about the Texas grape and wine industry. Author Russell Kane traveled the state of Texas tasting wine, and along the way he interviewed the major players in the Texas wine culture. He extensively researched the history of these extraordinary people. The title “Texas wineslinger” was based on an Australian wine writers blog after he compared the big red wines from down under in the Coonawarra wine region to the Texas High Plains wine region. He studied the Spanish missionary life and the early sacramental wine made from Texas’s first vineyard as well as wines brought from their homelands by German and Italian immigrants. This leads Kane into describing the hardships that the modern-day growers and on entrepreneurs had to overcome to make Texas an emerging wine producing region.” A wine grower’s prayer” reflects the challenges and obstacles that describe the terroir of Texas as a winegrowing frontier. Reviewed on it obtained a 5-star rating by all reviewers.



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2 comments on “The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine Review
  1. Johnathan Tarter says:

    This looks a very interesting book and since I am interested in the Texas wine industry, I will be checking this book out! Thank you for sharing this awesome looking book with everyone! I’m sure many others will find this share to be very enlightening and intriguing when they stumble upon it like I have! 🙂

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