What Is The Best Wine ?

Best Wine

The best wine is the one that you prefer the best. It could be a red or white depending upon your personal tastes. Or, you could be a wine aficionado who enjoys all types. Maybe you prefer the wines from one particular winery and region or particular wineries from different regions? Our goal is to narrow the choices down.

Wine Value

Have you ever tried two different brands of the same type of wine, and then question why the pricier one didn’t taste better? Was it because of brand recognition or something else? I often ponder the thought of some character who looks like the guy in the old Grey Poupon commercials as the determining factor.

Let’s Find Out

These are the questions that we wish to answer on this website. With the overwhelming amounts of different brands of wine and the increasing number of wineries all around the world, this will be more than an ongoing journey. So, we encourage interaction. Please give us your opinions on your choices and why.





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10 comments on “What Is The Best Wine ?
  1. Phoebe says:

    I am looking forward to learn about wine from your site. We are not big wine drinker but we love to tour wineries.

  2. Wayne says:

    My favorite wine is white sangria, I found this great white sangria called eppa about two years ago that’s made with organic fruits. It’s made in Healdsburg, Ca.

    This would not be a wine connoisseurs first choice but none the less that doesn’t matter. Sangria is a sweet wine and I like to poor a glass of eppa white sangria over fresh fruit to enhance the sweetness even more.

    I feel like a kid in the soda shop that just ordered up an egg cream. I don’t know if everyone even knows what an egg cream is today.

    • Ronn says:

      Thank you, Wayne
      I also like Sangria and will check out eppa.The wine connoisseurs are not always right.Just remember some of them get paid for pimping certain types and brands of wine.The best wine is the one you have tried and like the best.

  3. jason says:

    Hey Ronn,

    Great site. Im much more a red wine fan but am partial to Oyster Bay ( a white) from NZ
    Not sure why I prefer Red but whites to me don’t have the taste. Why is that? Just preference or have I got a rough palate?

    • Ronn says:

      Thank you, Jason

      I have heard of, but never tried Oyster Bay. I must put it on my to-try list. With all these different wines to try, I hope you guys don’t turn me into the wonderful wino LOL. Just joking! There are many good wines from the Australian and New Zealand regions. Reds are also my preferred type of wine. I especially like a glass of Merlot while enjoying an Italian dinner. Cambria Chardonnay is one of my favorite white wines. Not too sweet just the right balance.

  4. Jeff says:

    Hi, I think the best wine is very dependent upon the situation in which you are drinking it! The food, the company, all of it makes a huge difference in how you enjoy the wine!

    • Ronn says:

      Hi Jeff,
      I couldn’t agree more with your comment. It is all the above you have stated. My family and I have a pasta night and I love a glass of merlot with it.

  5. Jazzi says:

    There are so many different wine types, it is very easy to get confused and to know which types taste the best so i’m glad i found your website and your article is great

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